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Ask Me Anything (AMA) #2 : Origami Marketplace

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our second Telegram AMA. A lot of questions were asked and we can feel how enthusiastic you are about Origami, so thanks a lot!

For those who couldn’t attend the AMA, here is a recap with few enlightenments :

« At the end of last year, you temporarily postponed Origami Network to focus on Origami Marketplace. I want to ask at what stage (%) is Origami Network (Marketplace, Review, Payment) and when do you plan to finish the project? »

We have postponed the project because as you know, we are a small team and with have a very low budget. We have to deal with the reality of a company : pay the salaries. The token offering was during the bear market and we didn’t raise a lot of money, not enough for the project. Hopefully, our company is not based only on this project, but also on the projet « Origami Marketplace » (which is very linked to Origami Network). So all the team is currently dedicated to Origami Marketplace, which, — good news — is going very well !

We have new customers (and very big ones) and we need time to set up their marketplaces. As soon as these marketplaces will be publicly released, we will get back on the development of Origami Network. But with a bigger team and a stronger company.

« Why is there no roadmap for Origami Network ? At AMA 5 months ago, I asked this question and got an answer « future bi-monthy update », but I still don’t see the roadmap. You should understand that « protocol for building decentralized marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain » is a free advertisement by crypto community all over the world. With the finished product « Origami Network » you have more chance to attract the attention of new customers, to get a good exchange, etc […] Time to act ».

The projet is still ongoing but since Origami Marketplace is going very well, our team is focused on the marketplace part.

The « bad » thing is that we don’t have time to work on Origami Network.

The « good » thing is that as soon as we will be back on Origami Network, we will work on it with a bigger team since Origami Marketplace can pay more people, as we have more customers.

« But what about the coin? Why is gitHub not updating ? […] Need a roadmap. »

We use a private GitHub for Origami Marketplace.

We will work very much on the coin, review and payment now that we have great incomes from Origami Marketplace.

Indeed, the roadmap will be updated as we are currently hiring for Origami Review and Payment. The team is getting larger and it is a good thing for the project and the coin.

« When will the roadmap be updated? »

The roadmap will be updated in October, we are currently working on it. We would like it to be precise as possible for us and the community.

« We are exited for the prospects of this project and do need some sort of regular feedback, so we can support with our best feedback. A few of us could have been admins promoting the project. Remain engaged. »

Thank you, do you have specific information you would need to be more able to promote the project ?

« Roadmap, partnership, new exchange, new client, etc. »

We are very grateful of your enthusiast about the Origami projects. As we are always willing to improve our solution and our communication, do not hesitate to share you ideas by e-mail, the team will be happy to answer all your questions and examine the feasibility of the ideas.

« I will say a few words about Telegram chat. This chat is the only source to get answers to questions. A person (a potential crypto followers) comes here to get answers and thinks that the project is dead. Need to fix this. […] »

It is a good point and we are aware of this problem, we do not have the resource to put someone « full-time » on this, but we would like to be more active, we will work on this.

« Crypto followers […] expect news from you. »

We do write a bi-weekly updates as we do our best to deliver the best product.

We understand it may not seem like much, but nevertheless it is indeed news that we communicate to our readers, followers or Internet users interested in our project.

However, we will make an effort on this subject and try to give more news on Telegram in the near future.

« Have you considered moving to binance chain ? »

No, what would be the benefits of such a move ?

« They are active in helping projects get off the ground. Plus, it can give the project some exposure. »

Alright, the team will look at it.

« Say a few words about Origami rebranding. »

Sure. The main idea of the Origami Marketplace rebranding was to be in front of our customers, more « professional ». Indeed the customers of Origami Marketplace are more and more « major accounts » (turnover well above several millions euros) and we needed to look less like a « small company » or startup and more like a company that can answer their needs. And the brand is an important part of this.

« What are the marketing plans to attract customers ? »

Essentially through partnerships with companies that are in the marketplace fields.

Indeed, you can take a look the « partners » page on the Origami Marketplace website. More are yet to come.

« Are there any plan to partner with other projects ? »

We do discuss with some companies but not necessarily in the crypto sphere. Through partnerships we are looking for more than just an « announce effect ». It it make sense for our customers and potential customers, then we will work on this partnership.

« Don’t forget the Origami Network, this is a big free advertisement all over the world. »

We are not, be sure of this. We are well aware that it is a great project.

« Tell us news about the project, about new people who were involved in the work, what is the mood in the team, etc.. About you new office. »

Our new office is great :) The mood is really good as we have new customers. A new version of Origami Marketplace was released and the customer use it and love it. We have a new team member that arrived 2 weeks ago and more will come before the end of the year.

The new version of Origami « Arctic Fox » is great, it has a lot of new features and we are working on it everyday to improve it in order to meet all our clients’ needs.

« You may not attach importance to my words, but believe me please. Personally, I really hope for you ! I really want the project to live and develop, my future depends on it »

Thank you Matt, this is important for us.

We are so pleased to read the enthusiasm of our community about the Origami project, it motivates us to always do more and better to satisfy you. Believe us, we are doing everything we can to make this project work!

Thanks for all the support and interest in Origami. We have enjoyed answering your questions and receiving your opinions and advices. We hope many will show interest on our AMA #3 dedicated on a specific topic we will communicate to you in few months.

We are very pleased to see that AMA is not only answering questions but also receiving encouragement and new ideas ! Feel free to reach out the team via twitter or email at contact@origami-marketplace.com. Hope to hear from you soon! And keep the questions coming!



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