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Origami Review for Prestashop

Hello everyone,

We want to develop a transparent, secure and globalise review solution for all our marketplaces.

As a result, the users of marketplaces will be able to create certified reviews and the operators will be able to verify, moderate and validate them.

Each review is linked to a seller, marketplace and an order. In this way, each order, each item and each seller can be rated accordingly.

Seen by a customer, Origami Review has 3 advantages :

  • Each time a review is delivered : a reward is received (ORI coin).
  • A reward can be spent on every marketplace using Origami Review
  • A reward can be converted in voucher or can be spent online for another purchase

Seen by a seller, Origami Review has 3 advantages :

  • Reviews are globalized on a unique platform you can trust.
  • Each review is tempered-proof, blockchain certified and globalized
  • Thanks to the rewards mechanism, you receive more reviews. It helps increasing your notoriety.

What can we expect about it?

Today, only the marketplaces developed by Origami are concerned by this development.

Tomorrow, any e-commerce company will be able to use this tool to manage customer reviews and recruit new customers.

You have a company/project and want to launch your marketplace?

Contact us: contact@ori.network

Welcome to the platform dedicated in improving the digital and Marketplace world, using blockchain and Cryptocurrency tools.