Origami Network — 07/05/2018 update

Hello community,

First of all we want to thank you all for your support. It helps us a lot working hard on our products.

As a reminder, Origami Network is a protocol for building marketplaces. It solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and decentralized trusted reviews.


The final burning of token from the bonus / marketing wallet has been done, we now have the Total available amount of ORI token https://etherscan.io/token/0xd2fa8f92ea72abb35dbd6deca57173d22db2ba49

For easy reference, the detail of the token supply is as follows:

  • Total Supply: 5 527 379 ORI
  • Locked Tokens: 970 000 + 331 500 = 1 301 500
  • So circulating: 5 527 379 -1 301 500 = 4 225 879

ORI is trading on ForkDelta and IDEX at the moment;

Origami Network is now on Coin Market Cap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/origami/

Origami Network is now listed on WandX exchange. (ETH/ORI)


Even if we stick on the fact that we prefer to focus on the product and the company, don’t worry we’ve heard your voice or complains about IDEX and “one exchange thing”.

We are working on it, we are discussing with exchanges , as this is also important for you.

Also, as a reminder, company tokens are locked for one year, this means several things:

  • Even if the price increases, we do not have more money to invest in expensive listings on exchanges.
  • Our main goal is to make the ORI tokens used in our platform and widely in all the future marketplaces that will be built using Origami Network.
  • Buy our tokens only if you understand the project, the market we aim and our long term vision.
  • Do not buy our token if you want to speculate in the short term. It is totally counterproductive for us. We don’t want a big community, but a strong community that in the end will be using the ORI token.
  • And the last, you can be confident for the future, we are here to stay!


Impressive! Our community grew a lot during those two weeks.

  • Telegram > 1.5K users
  • Twitter > 600 followers

A special thanks for the “ORI Marines”, the ones who spread the word and explain the projects to the newcomers.

We are really proud to have you in our community!

Also you know that we did not raise millions of dollars in our Token sale, we want to focus on the project to deliver a quality product. So we do not have a large marketing budget at the moment.

You are doing a really great job, and it is helping us a lot.


Below are the Origami release notes. This will give you a nice view of the updates and improvements of Origami.

During those two weeks we published two new versions of Origami:

Origami release note 1.1.1

Features :

  • Add new order numbers on the sidebar
  • Can center text on textareas
  • Add image urls on product export CSV
  • A seller can now contact an operator

Bug fix :

  • Add error message when addresses are wrong
  • Seller cannot click anymore on invalid shortcut links
  • You cannot register a seller if you’re connected as operator on the same browser
  • Bug fix on seller home page
  • Operator is notified when a seller has created a product
  • Feature values are not created when no translations are provided
  • Import CSV : ean13 is not mandatory anymore
  • Import CSV : bug fix on feed updates
  • After-sales : When a customer contact an operator, the conversation is correctly displayed
  • The “add this page to shortcut” is no longer visible
  • The product variant list is correctly displayed

Origami release notes 1.1.2

Catalog :

  • Bug fix on product list paging
  • You can now provide a root category in the configuration


  • Ticket “color code” has been reviewed to be more efficient
  • “My ticket” nav is correctly working
  • If a user answers a ticket, he’ll be assigned to this ticket except if another user is already assigned
  • In case of an operator / seller discussion, public conversation and reports are no longer visible
  • Ticket list on customer desk has no delay problem before being displayed anymore
  • Possible errors on ticket message attachments are now correctly catched
  • Ticket link on customer desk is now sent by our API

CSV Import :

  • You can now import CSV directly exported from a Prestashop catalog
  • You can now import product images
  • CSV import without discount had a problem: It is now fixed
  • You can now delete product variant imported by CSV

Other :

  • You can now see the user role on the user lists
  • Back-Office footer has been modified

Solution providers

In order to achieve our goal to become the worldwide marketplace protocol leader, we are discussing with solution providers that will be able to launch marketplaces powered by Origami Network all over the world.


Mendity is now live!

Mendity is an online marketplace using our technology that sells men products (Clothes, lifestyle…)

Check out the marketplace: https://mendity.com/

Hiring : we need you!

Some opportunities are now open.

Available positions:

  • Back-end developer — We are looking for a Back-end developer who has a strong interest in blockchain technology, open-source, decentralization, security, and testing.
  • Business developer — We are looking for a business developer who has a strong interest in blockchain technology and SaaS business model.

Please apply : contact@ori.network

You have a company/project and want to launch your online marketplace?

Contact us: contact@ori.network

Follow us:



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