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Changelogs — New version of Origami 2.4.0

Hello everybody,

Launch of three new customers in Septembre

  • Each time a review is delivered : a reward is received (ORI token).
  • A reward can be spent on every marketplace using Origami Review
  • A reward can be converted in voucher or can be…

Changelogs — New version of Origami 2.1.0

  • Quote management (B2B marketplaces)
  • Possibility of adding additional costs to an offer (includes or excludes from the initial price) (ex: eco tax)
  • Gift cards that will be linked to Ori Review and Payment
  • Customer groups management to answer B2B marketplaces queries
  • New partnership and new module with SendCloud in Origami Marketplace…

Origami Review for Prestashop

Hello everyone,

The year 2020 is undoubtedly the year of the C2C marketplace for Origami Marketplace, as these two new customers can attest!

The marketplace, a C2C trusted third party

  • ecological reasons : the second-hand market is booming, thanks to the emergence of projects such as Vinted.
  • new consumer habits : These platforms bring individuals together in a collaborative economy, exchanges based on sharing (barter or monetary exchange).
  • economical reasons : According to the MFI, the market for second-hand goods — clothing and fashion accessories — was worth EUR 1 billion last year. Vinted online…

New AMA is coming !

  • 30 minutes long
  • Key points : Recruiting vendors — Payment guarantee & Credit Insurance…

Changelogs — New version of Origami 2.0.0

  • Cannot add multiple attributes with same value
  • Can logout from API
  • Can create credit card and tokenize
  • Can add customer group to customers
  • Add event & condition pour payment psp user group documents
  • Improve…

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